SPECIAL EVENT: FREE SING and Pre-launch Fun!

Sat. November 24 from 1-3pm

Location: Kits Neighbourhood House at 7th and Vine, a beautifully renovated former church with wood floors and high ceilings. Tea and cookies provided!

COST: Free!

BE PART OF THE MAGIC! On Saturday Nov. 24th from 1-3pm, join Laurel Murphy and a circle of voices for an afternoon of spontaneous singing! It’s free, and it will be a lot of fun! There’s nothing to rehearse – everything is composed in the moment! Just sing what is being sung to you and be amazed at how quickly the air fills with heavenly harmonies, dynamic vocal grooves, and body-shakin’ rhythms!  In this soulful circle of spontaneous song, you’ll have the chance to tune your ears, open your heart and let your voice soar.

We are hoping to capture some photos and video for promotion. To thank you for the possible use of your photo, anyone that attends will get free passes to the first two sessions of SongRise in 2019. 

Laurel Murphy is your guide and brings decades of experience as an improviser, performer and teacher in Vancouver and abroad. Inspired by the genius of Grammy Award-winning artist/improviser Bobby McFerrin, Laurel produced the first SongRise New Year’s events in Vancouver in ’95 and ’99, introducing over 1400 singers and audience to this innovative form, and resulting in a dynamic choir that continued for 12 years.

SongRise is an antidote to the craziness in the world! A place where we can put our best vibrations out there, while inventing music that has never been heard before.  Please come and bring your friends – it’s open to singers of all levels experience, from beginner to professional. Let’s create some beautiful music together!

PLEASE REGISTER  so we can keep track of numbers.


*The new SongRise Choir will launch its first full season in February 2019 and build toward a possible event in 2020. Add your name to the email list for updates. 


SongRise 1995 Promotional Video (with participant comments)
Very rough footage from SongRise 95, the first event of its kind in Canada. This 5-hour improvised vocal creation brought together 200 singers and 1200 audience members on New Year’s Eve 95 at St. Andrew’s Wesley Church (Vancouver, Canada.) Featured in this video in order of appearance: Rhiannon, Dee Daniels, Jon Washburn, Sal Ferreras, Ann Mortifee, Modesto and Laurel Murphy. Not shown: Coco Love Alcorn, Lovie Eli and Kate Hammett-Vaughan.



Latin Improv

From the SongRise Recording Sessions. 5 nights of spontaneous composition with 17 singers. (Laurel Murphy conductor/solo.)



SongRise 1999, New Year’s Eve, approx 1:30am
Where were you Dec 31st 1999? More than 850 people in Vancouver, Canada came together to sing in the new millennium, in spite of Y2K and other fears. This clip shows Laurel Murphy (vocal solo) composing parts in the moment for a vocal creation started at 9pm Dec 31st 1999 and ended at 2 am January 1st, 2000. She is joined by Rhiannon, lead conductor of the event. The evening also featured conductors Joey Blake, Pepe Danza, David Hatfield, Shari Ulrich, Jon Washburn and the Vancouver Chamber Choir. Producer: Laurel Murphy.


SongRise History


These sessions are lively, very musical and fun! They usually start with exercises designed to warm-up the voice and body and to encourage a relaxed approach to singing. They may experiment with free-form improvisation as well as conducted improvisations and inevitably touch on various aspects of rhythm, ensemble singing and harmony. SongRise offers a great way to develop musical skills as well as to have fun singing with others! Singers generally stand in a circle. During the conducted improvisations, parts are given to sections of 2–8 singers at a time, depending on the size of the group. There are no words to learn–parts are made up of melodies and repetitive syllables that create harmony, rhythm and texture. Once a vocal “groove” has been established, musical ideas are continually added and changed so that the music keeps evolving in a seamless way. Stylistically, the music may have african, latin, jazz or gospel influences, depending on the mood of the day. There are often opportunities for individuals to improvise over top of the voices, but this is not a requirement. Sessions are generally 1.5 hours. Singers are encouraged to take good care of their voices, drinking lots of water and taking additional breaks if needed.



On December 30, 1993, Laurel Murphy flew to San Francisco to participate in Bobby McFerrin’s “Sing For Your Life”, a 24 hour improvised piece created at Grace Cathedral. So impressed by the experience, she returned to Vancouver, intent on sharing the magic of this musical form with her own city. On New Year’s Eve, 1995, SongRise was born–a product of the talent and inspiration of more than 200 singers, conductors and volunteers and 1200 audience members. Using the voices of singers and audience members as their only instruments, guest conductors composed a five-hour continuous vocal soundscape–layering ethereal harmonies over primal rhythms; weaving jazz and blues into traditional choral chants. The result was a musically and spiritually uplifting New Year’s experience, unlike any other event in Canada. SongRise was so enthusiastically received that a non-profit society was formed and it was remounted for a special Millennial Celebration on New Year’s Eve 1999. Produced by Laurel Murphy, SongRise 1995 and 1999 events featured Rhiannon, Joey Blake (both founding member of Bobby McFerrin’s “Voicestra”), Ann Mortifee, Sal Ferreras, Jon Washburn, Dee Daniels, Lovie Eli, Kate Hammett-Vaughan, Coco Love Acorn, Pepe Danza, Dave Hatfield, Shari Ulrich, Laurel Murphy and the 150 member SongRise Choir.



SongRise New Year’s Eve offered an experience that was musically and spiritually uplifting, appealing to music lovers as well as those seeking a more meaningful, alcohol-free New Year. In addition to the five-hour musical celebration, other opportunities were provided for participants to mark the New Year in a meaningful way. This included a labyrinth for walking meditation, a wish tree, and opportunities to write and reflect upon the coming year. Planning for another New Year’s event will depend upon funding. Let us know if you can help!


Conductors compose in the moment, communicating parts to the singers by singing to them. Harmonies and interlocking rhythms are added, changed and layered continuously, so that the piece shifts and evolves without ever stopping. For the New Year’s Eve event, the audience is also given parts to sing whenever possible. Three shifts of singers are filtered in and out of the five-hour soundscape in a seamless way and each conductor works for 30-60 minutes. It is. an act of daring and a great artistic challenge for our conductors, requiring skills in composition, improvisation, arranging and conducting.


SongRise New Year’s Eve 1999 would not have been possible without the generous support of Hollyhock and its associates. Hollyhock is a world-class workshop and retreat center on Cortes Island, BC. Nestled in a beautiful setting of ocean, gardens and forest, Hollyhock offers opportunities for renewal, discovery and great joy. Visit their website to find out more.